Freshwater river-Dullstroom

A river runs through it

Dullstroom is proudly not only the highest town in South Africa sitting at 2075m above sea-level but definately the friendliest. It has a sub-alpine climate, and is well known for its cool, often misty atmosphere, lending it an air of the Scottish Highlands. The local building style of pointed-stone and wooden log homes, along with the many pubs, restaurants, lodges and quaint village shops have made this one of the most appealing tourist destinations in Mpumalanga.

With its moderate climate, crisp mountain air, and scenic beauty, Dullstroom lends itself perfectly to trout fishing. Trout were first introduced to the area in the early 1900’s, and today most dams in the area are stocked with rainbow and/or brown trout, and natural breeding occurs in many of the area’s rivers.

Dullstroom is often colder than the surrounding areas, and can be entirely closed in by mist. The weather has a tendency to change rapidly, often giving rise to “four seasons in one day” but then again another really good reason to have a drink in front of a crackling wood fire.

So it’s time to throw on a pair (of waders) and get out there looking as slick at Brad… and for those just starting out you can always book a private fishing lesson from our legendary local fly-fishing experts:)

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